163 palavras do vocabulário do ACT que você deve saber

Você sabia que é preciso um bom vocabulário para se sair bem no ACT? Já foi o tempo em que você precisava aprender as definições de dezenas de palavras difíceis em inglês, mas um bom conhecimento do idioma ainda é a chave para se sobressair em diferentes seções da prova. Para te ajudar com isso, compilamos uma lista de 163 palavras-chave do vocabulário do ACT que você deve saber. Vamos lá?


Palavras do vocabulário do ACT que você deve saber:

PalavraDefiniçãoExemplo em uma frase
AbundantPresente em grandes quantidadesLiving next to a lake means we have an abundant supply of water.
AccurateCorreto; sem errosMake sure your address is accurate before submitting your online order.
AcquireAdquirir; tomar posse deWhen my grandfather died, I acquired his baseball card collection.
AdamantRecusar a mudar de opiniãoThe defendant was adamant that he was innocent.
AdequateSuficiente para atender a uma tarefa ou propósito específicoThough his resume was adequate, the company doubted whether he’d be a good fit.
AdequateSuficiente para atender às suas necessidadesOur house isn’t big, but it’s adequate for the two of us.
AdjacentPróximo ou ao lado deThe park is adjacent to the school.
AdverseDesfavorávelI had an adverse reaction to my medication and had to stop taking it.
AffableAmigável; fácil de falar comAs the most affable of the teachers, Mr. De Soto was the math teacher all the students wanted.
AmbiguousTer vários sentidos possíveis; pouco claro e difícil de entenderWhen I asked HR what my chances were of getting the job, they gave me a very ambiguous reply.
AmbitiousTer um forte desejo de sucesso ou realizaçãoKelsey is so ambitious she's settling for nothing less than the presidency.
AnnihilateDestruir ou matarThe dictator sent orders to annihilate the group of rebels.
AntipathyUm forte sentimento de aversãoHer antipathy toward the professor was obvious: she rolled her eyes whenever he entered the classroom.
ApparentFacilmente visto ou entendidoAlexis said she was fine, but the tears in her eyes made it apparent she was lying.
AscentMovimento para cima; avançoRuthless and cunning, Mable refused to let anyone come in the way of her ascent to the country's highest political office.
AttributeDar créditoBe sure to attribute credit to your sources when writing a research paper.
ArbitraryCom base em um capricho ou decisão aleatóriaFlipping a coin is an arbitrary way to make a decision.
ArduousQue requer grande esforçoAfter you cross the bridge, there’s an arduous walk up the hill.
BenevolentGentil, generosoMany cultures believe in benevolent spirits.
BiasParcialidadeIt’s important to avoid bias when investigating a crime.
BolsterApoiar, fortalecer ou fortificarIf we work together, we should be able to lift and then bolster the couch.
BurgeoningCrescendo rapidamente; florescendoIt didn't take long for my burgeoning cake business to have more customers than I could handle.
BypassEvitarThe longtime cab driver knew the exact backstreet to take in order to bypass the traffic pileup.
CandidDireto, contundenteJosh is candid about his desire to become an actor.
CandorO traço de ser honesto e francoI admire her candor, especially when nobody else bothers to speak up.
CapitalizeUsar para vantagem própriaI’d like to capitalize on your math skills by having you work the cash register.
CatalystAlgo que cause uma mudança ou um novo eventoEverett's unfair conviction was the catalyst for his lifelong interest in justice and criminal reform.
CeaselessSem fim, sem pausasNo matter where you were on the island, it was possible to hear the ceaseless sound of the sea.
CensureExpressar forte desaprovaçãoEvery parent in our district censured the education cuts.
ClarifyTornar algo claro ou inteligívelWhenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, I try to take a walk to try to clarify my thoughts and decide what to do next.
CoincideAcontecer ao mesmo tempoIt wasn’t until after I booked my ticket that I realized the concert coincided with my finals.
CompetentSuficientemente cualificadoWe need to hire a competent web developer to create a good website for our company.
ComplacentSatisfeito, sem nenhum desejo de mudar ou melhorarThough he had never won any awards or even been published, he was complacent with his life as a poet.
ComplementTornar perfeito ou completoThis wine perfectly complements this platter of gourmet cheese.
ConcealEsconderBram wore his hat low to conceal the scar on his face.
ConcurConcordarBrian believes women should be paid as much as men, and I concur.
CondenseReduzir para uma forma mais curta; tornar mais compactoRhiannon's boss asked her to condense the 15-page report into a one-page memo.
ConfineLimitar ou restringir; fechar dentro de limitesAfter breaking curfew for the third time, Tony's parents confined him to the house for a month.
ConfluenceUm encontro de pessoas ou coisas; uma uniãoThe confluence of hot and cold air created a powerful thunderstorm.
ConsecutivelyUm após outro, em sucessão ininterruptaThe robber was ordered to serve his two sentences consecutively, with the shorter sentence being served first.
ConsoleConfortarMaggie always remembered that Sebastian was the first to console her after her dog died.
ContentionUma disputa; oposição; rivalidadeAs they'd been enemies since childhood, Meena expected bitter contention from Jane when she voiced her opinion.
ContoursLinha ou borda que define os limites de um objetoThe winding road followed the contours of the Vosges Mountains.
ContradictEstar em contraste comThe camera footage contradicts his alibi.
ControversialAltamente discutível e causador de polêmicaMillions of viewers watched the controversial debate take place.
ConventionalRespeitar as normas aceitasEbba lives a conventional life in the suburbs.
ConveyTransmitir ou transferir (informação)I have trouble conveying my thoughts in French.
CopiousAbundanteJiro always takes copious notes during history class.
CordialAmigável; cortêsBecause she was the one to break their engagement, Anya was nervous about seeing Eric again, but he was nothing but cordial.
CrucialCrítico; extremamente importanteOnce General Grant received crucial information about the position of enemy troops, he was able to plan his strategy.
CrudeRudimentar; não refinadoMy own painting appeared crude and childlike compared to the prize winner's masterpiece.
CumbersomeIncontrolável; onerosoThe bag of overstuffed pillows was light, but its cumbersome shape made it difficult to carry.
DeceiveEnganar ou iludirMy ex-boyfriend deceived me  by pretending to be a millionaire.
DeferenceRespeito; consideraçãoHer deference to the elderly makes her the perfect candidate for an internship at the retirement center.
DeficiencyUma falta deMany sailors were stricken by scurvy until it was learned the disease was caused by a Vitamin C deficiency.
DepictRepresentarMama was furious after the caricaturist depicted her with a unibrow and buck teeth.
DepleteUsar em excesso com o tempo, de modo que os recursos se tornem escassos.The lost campers quickly depleted their supply of food.
DesolateDesprotegido, vazioThe moon is one giant, desolate landscape.
DeriveDeduzir; obter de uma fonte ou origemMany English words are derived from German.
DevoidNa falta deAs he charged, the knight's face was devoid of any fear.
DexterityHabilidade em mover as mãos ou o corpo; espertezaThe brain surgeon used great dexterity as she made the tiny incision.
DigressDesviar-se do tema principalI don't mean to digress from your story, but have you seen this new YouTube video?
DiminishEncolher ou reduzirSprinkle baking soda on the carpet to diminish red wine stains.
DiscrepancyUma inconsistência ou diferençaA discrepancy in her tax returns caused Geraldine to receive half the refund she was owed.
DismantleDesmontarTo stem rampant corruption, the new CEO dismantled the entire C-suite and hired new managers.
DistinctiveDestacado, distintoAunt Lola's distinctive turquoise hair always makes her easy to find in a crowd.
DominantGovernar, controlar; estar em uma posição de autoridadeThe dominant male gorilla is the only one permitted to produce offspring.
EfficientMaximizar a produtividadeNow that I’m following a schedule at work, I’m much more efficient.
EliminateRemoverOur team lost the match and was eliminated from the competition.
EminentSuperior ou distinto; alto em posição ou statusOur town made news when the eminent magician came to perform at our local theater.
EngrossedOcupar plenamente a mente ou a atençãoLydia was so engrossed in her magazine that she missed her train stop.
ErodeDesgastar (figurativa ou literalmente)The constant lies eroded my trust in James.
EstimateUm valor aproximadoTry to get an estimate of the number of people attending the concert.
EternalSem fim ou começoMany people who are afraid of dying have searched for the secret to eternal life.
ExemplifyServir como um exemplo de uma coisaMark Twain's writings exemplified the humorist style.
ExpendConsumir (como energia ou dinheiro)Be careful not to expend all your energy in the first half of a marathon.
ExpediteAcelerar o processoYou'll need to expedite the shipping if you want the gift to arrive in time for your brother's birthday.
ExpertiseConhecimento ou habilidade especializada em uma determinada habilidadeThe doctor's expertise is in knee surgeries.
ExposeRevelar ou desmascararThe emails sent to the journalist exposed the company's corruption.
ExtensiveCobrindo uma grande área; grande em númeroAsh bought the car for a great price, but its issues were extensive.
FastidiousDifícil de agradar; tomando cuidado excessivoMrs. Pelton was fastidious and never had so much as a speck of dirt on her clothes.
FlawImperfeição ou defeitoAlexei was devastated when she discovered an unsightly flaw in the diamond her fiance had given her.
FluctuateInstávelStocks can fluctuate on a daily basis, making it difficult to determine when to buy or sell one.
FreneticFrenéticoAfter three cups of coffee, Wally ran through the house, filled with frenetic energy.
FunctionalCapaz de trabalhar ou operarThe television looked impressive, but it wouldn't be functional until Dad fixed the wiring problem.
GrandeurSer incrível ou impressionanteThe Palace of Versailles was designed to show the grandeur of the French court.
HistoricImportante na HistóriaJuly 20, 1969, is a historic day: it's the first day men walked on the moon.
HithertoAté o momentoAll attempts to lead into gold have hitherto been unsuccessful.
HostileNocivo, perigosoThe voices around the corner sounded angry, hostile even.
HypotheticalSuposto; relacionado a uma hipóteseFor my physics homework, I must come up with a hypothetical situation.
IndifferentApático, sem se importarAnjuli's father was indifferent to her Tik Tok fame.
ImmenseMuito grande, vastoAlone in the immense forest, the hiker could see nothing but trees.
ImminentPrestes a acontecerAs the black clouds towered in the sky, Madeleine knew the storm was imminent.
InconceivableInimaginávelManuel found it inconceivable that Alfred Hitchcock never won a Best Director Oscar.
InformalCasual, sem cerimôniaI wasn't expecting the party to be so informal and wished I'd worn sandals instead of heels.
InhibitImpedir ou proibirKeeping the wound clean and covering it with a bandage will inhibit infection.
InnovativeNovo ou diferenteThe inventor's innovative designs for flying machines stunned his audience.
IntricateComplexo, com muitas partes relacionadasIt takes Alma at least a week to complete each intricate weaving.
JumbledUma bagunça, confusãoThe young boy searched for his homework among the jumbled clutter on his bedroom floor.
LanguidLento; sem energiaDuring the languid days of summer, there's nothing I like more than sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade.
LatterA segunda de duas coisasBetween sitting at home and going to the beach, I prefer the latter.
ListlessIndiferente; com pouca energia ou interesseA nasty bout of the flu left Harry listless and bored.
LucrativeCapaz de ganhar muito dinheiro; rentávelWriting books isn’t a particularly lucrative career, unless you’re J.K. Rowling.
MaliciousNocivo, maldoso, rancorosoThe malicious spirit drove out the inhabitants from their home.
MalleableCapaz de ser moldado ou mudadoChildren’s minds are malleable but only for so long.
ModifyMudar, alterar ou ajustarDr. Nguyen modified the gene so that it wouldn’t carry the disease.
MomentousHistoricamente significativoHer win in the election was momentous.
NovelNovo, inovadorWe are looking for novel ways to approach the project.
NuanceUma diferença sutil no significadoBody-language experts even understand the nuances of facial expressions.
ObjectivityJulgamento com base em observações em vez de emoções ou opiniõesIn scientific research, objectivity is of utmost importance.
ObsoleteNão mais usado; raro ou incomumHistorians assumed record players would be obsolete by now, but in fact they’re making a huge comeback.
OmnipotentTodo-poderosoGods are omnipotent beings who can control human destiny.
ParadoxUma ideia que parece contraditória ou improvável, mas que é, de fato, verdadeiraIt always struck Gene as a paradox that standing could be more tiring than walking.
ParamountPrimeiro em importânciaBefore you start the experiment, it's paramount that you put gloves on.
PartialQue toma um ladoWe can get strawberry ice cream, but I'm actually more partial to chocolate.
PerpetualPerpétuo, para sempreJackson's perpetual luck meant he died a wealthy and happy man.
PerplexConfundir ou complicarAgatha was perplexed by the complicated geometry question.
PlausibleCrível, digno de confiançaJan's teacher didn't find it plausible that his dog had eaten his homework.
PotentPoderosoThe potion was potent enough to clear Mark's sinuses immediately.
PragmaticPráticoGenevieve's simple and pragmatic idea solved our problem.
PreciseExato; rigorosamente definidoFor baking, more than cooking, you need to be precise with your measurements if you want your recipes to turn out well.
PredateVir antes (com o tempo)The Pyramids of Giza predated Cleopatra by some 2,500 years!
PrematureOcorrendo cedo demaisBecause it was only their second date, Alex thought talk of their future wedding colors was premature.
PresciencePrevisão, saber algo antes de acontecerAs more of its plot appears to come true in the 21st century, Orwell's 1984 astounds readers with its prescience.
PrestigiousTer uma forte reputação; impressionanteAfter saving three children from drowning, Eli was honored with the city's most prestigious award.
ProficientCompetenteGaia wrote she was "proficient in coding" even though she'd flunked Computers 101 in college.
ProhibitProibirBecause she hated rock music, my strict aunt prohibited me from attending the concert.
ProlificProduzir grandes quantidades, geralmente com freqüênciaMr. Johnson is a prolific writer and has published one novel a year for decades.
ProlongGanhar mais tempoJackie was enjoying herself so much she looked for ways to prolong the date she was on.
ProminentFacilmente perceptível; bem conhecidoActor Jimmy Durante was known for his gravelly voice and prominent nose.
ProtrudeProjetarThe hiker was so thin I could see his bones protruding under his skin.
QualitativeReferente à qualidade de algo (características e conteúdo)I noticed a qualitative change in her paintings.
QuantitativeEnvolvendo quantidades (números e quantidades)We must conduct a quantitative analysis.
RadicalExtremo; surpreendentemente diferente da forma tradicionalThe politician's views were so radical it was clear she had no shot at winning.
ReinforceFortalecer ou dar apoio aWe can use these pipes to reinforce the structure.
RelevantEstreitamente relacionado com o assunto em questãoDespite intense interest in her divorce, the movie star ordered the journalist to only ask her questions relevant to her upcoming film.
ResoluteDeterminadoI begged Mrs. Jacobi to raise my biology grade, but she was resolute that I'd gotten the grade I deserved.
RetrospectContemplação do passadoIn retrospect, Jordan realized he was the reason most of his relationships had ended.
ReviveDar vida ou consciência novamente, trazer à tona de voltaAlthough he was exhausted, a glass of cold water revived James enough that he could finish his story.
RevolutionizeTrazer uma mudança significativaInstagram revolutionized the travel industry and how people choose which places to visit.
RiddledCheio de pequenos buracosAfter the battle, the buildings were riddled with bullet holes. 
RigorousSevero, rigorosoIf Marian wanted to be accepted into the FBI, she knew she'd have to exercise rigorously to pass the fitness test.
ScrutinizeExaminar com cuidado e críticaThe teacher scrutinized her students’ essays.
SkepticalMostrar dúvidaLori insisted she would always do her chores from now on, but her mother was skeptical.
SolidarityA união de pontos em comum ou propósitos comuns entre um grupoI stood in solidarity with other female students by refusing to wear the school’s sexist uniform.
SparinglyInsuficiente, com escassez ou de forma restritaDue to my condition, I must eat salt sparingly.
StaticMostrando pouca ou nenhuma mudança/movimentoDespite all the diet changes I'd made, my weight remained static.
StaunchLeal, firmeDespite his failures, Tim's mother always remained his staunch supporter.
StrenuousQue exige intenso esforçoAfter getting the flu, I was ordered to avoid strenuous activity from the next two weeks while I recovered.
SubsequentlyVindo mais tarde ou depoisDani ate four pieces of blackberry pie and subsequently got a stomach ache.
SubversiveCom a intenção de derrubar, enganar ou destruirFearing a loss of power, the dictator imprisoned all journalists, claiming their writings were subversive.
SufficientSuficiente, atende a uma exigênciaThese boxes should be sufficient for our move.
SumptuousLuxuoso; caro"I've never seen such sumptuous curtains!" Ms. Gala exclaimed as we toured the mansion.
SynonymousExpressar a mesma ideiaOur brand is synonymous with value and quality which is why we make so many sales.
TediousChato, enfadonhoJon found washing dishes incredibly tedious; therefore his sink was always overflowing.
TentativeQue ainda não foi finalizadoWe haven’t made any official arrangements yet, but the tentative location for our wedding is Hawaii.
TranslucentTransparente (quase ou totalmente)The blurry outline of the backyard was just visible through the translucent curtains.
TrivialCom pouca ou sem importânciaJordan thought the color of shoes I wore was a trivial matter, but he didn't realize how important this party was to me.
UbiquitousEstar em todos os lugares ao mesmo tempoCell phones are ubiquitous these days.
UnprecedentedNunca antes conhecido ou experimentadoThe oceans' temperatures have been rising at an unprecedented rate.
ValidateProvar ou declarar válidoYour selfish actions do not validate your feelings for me.
ViabilityHabilidade de ser feito de uma maneira prática ou útilThe viability of the solution is questionable.
VitalDe extrema importância ou urgênciaIt is vital that you respond by the deadline.

A nossa recomendação é que você estude essas palavras do vocabulário do ACT com flashcards. Nesse método, cada flashcard vai ter uma palavra em inglês escrita na frente e a tradução ou definição dela no verso.

Para estudar é simples: você vai olhar para um lado do cartão e dizer a palavra no idioma oposto antes de olhar para o outro lado do cartão (sendo assim, se você estiver olhando para o lado em inglês, por exemplo, você deve dizer a palavra em português, e vice-versa).

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